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  1. Josue Garcia

    Faze Jarvis is so small to brothers🤗

  2. Owie-97


  3. Ronald Pasieka

    Jarvis wearing a PlayStation hoodie when he does not play PlayStation

  4. joe said


  5. bro v bro znxQ

    I think tfu and highsky

  6. fgklo fortnite

    Theyre not the best -_- The best are mongral for sure ,clix , benjy , mr savage ,

  7. DLG288

    0:01 anyone know the song? It go hard

  8. Zair Foster


  9. Sheff Kane

    Rip Mike Le

  10. asamuki我


  11. Grant Goetsch

    Yes do more widows

  12. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jarvis can smoke kaylen

  13. Arslaan Rahman

    Oof I hope they post the fight

  14. Luc1s

    Jarvis boxing: zzzzztoshhh zzzzztoshhh zzzzztoshhh zzzzztoshhh

  15. Eric Yagi

    i liked and subscribed and put post notfcations can i have the blastows i am on my dads acount

  16. jack bardnard

    Bruh he sounds American now

  17. Xxdarkmoments Playz

    why do they burn money just give it to the poor honestly

  18. Rufia Begum

    5:43 Frazier: ur eating like ur still in 2019 Me: you are in 2019

  19. TiedyeOnYOUTUBE

    No one's wearing masks

  20. STILL

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔻

  21. Mercedes Ruiz

    I think jarvis has the best brother ever

  22. fnaf master

    JUST EDIT!?!?!??!?

  23. daniella White

    Family is everythi

  24. Senpai-Scarx

    What if fortnite was like if Jarvis wins we will unban him Jarvis would go crazy

  25. Jonathan Lalla

    It’s June 12 let’s go🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  26. Memessniperxx

    Every yt boxing: Now mrbeast: Now yt is boxing:

  27. Gerardo Almanza

    Micheal lee will break you

  28. Savage Dabber

    He could of payed epic games to unban his account



  30. Bo7mody7


  31. Revandika

    His now boxing 🥊😂

  32. 60fps:- -

    its today

  33. Dylan Weber

    Bruh the thumbnail is from mrbeast

  34. Asha Wilson


  35. Zaid Cj

    Yall cap

  36. George Clements

    this guy is a boxer now wtf!!!

  37. Ragin Cuber

    Dude, I bought tickets online, and I’m going to domenicen republics and I’m just going to watch it all flight. It’s sucks because I fricking live in Miami, and I can’t go

  38. mitchell dall

    Serotonin replenished

  39. Juan Mora

    Who else is here the day of the fight

  40. Lil Zyro

    God bless w

  41. Stoney

    Just admit it Kay, Jarvis will beat you at anything now.

  42. Thehoodine

    Candler got skinny no cap

  43. yara andrade

    Jarvis gf look like she could be his mom

  44. slice of bred

    you can tell this fight is not rigged you can see how hard jarvis was traning

  45. Jamiro Finke

    Bruh these things never tell the truth lmao

  46. DWart Dw

    U other brother needs to start making videos too

  47. Henry Rudd

    I have already got a iPhone 12

  48. Deco

    whos excited for the fight today so hyped!!

  49. Nitr0

    holy jarvis!!

  50. Abdirahman Abdirashid

    I swear Jarvis is beast.

  51. Keaton Thompson

    I think Jarvis will smash his head in but there’s a slight chance he’ll choke

  52. Nepaliteamas Magar

    She is so hot and sexy

  53. Joeriel

    We all know that lee tiktoker guy loosing

  54. IRyan’s games

    Adien turn the whole faze clan sus

  55. Bu_ Clan

    At the end is this the new house?

  56. Cxlturê.

    Their Other Brother Look's Older.

  57. Bu_ Clan

    Bro when is the fight?

  58. Christina Clark

    Best video that kays made

  59. Jacob Hughes

    TEAM JARVIS ALL THE WAY MICHAEL LEE IS GETTING his ass kicked out of the stadium. Jarvis won’t have to hit his hardest

  60. Wilmer W


  61. Harley Gant

    Going first is the best cuz den no ones opinion can scare you

  62. it’s FLXRE

    Look at the screen it was just for the views

  63. beast skull

    Are we able to watch the fight on HRaero

  64. Josh None

    Michel lost

  65. Payphone Dripz

    Congrats on 6! mill

  66. Eser Paslar

    I like you so so much

  67. Chrnikz

    Bro I’m sorry but who are these people he’s sparring with tho😂 he didn’t throw a single punch at Jarvis lol

  68. Moonnu Chamling

    Poor Rice got nothing

  69. Yessir

    Logan Paul to KSI to Jake Paul to Anesongib to HRaero vs TikTok

  70. fg and nrg

    Is the big day LESSGO

  71. Tom Catet

    2:25 sommer to jarvis in bed

  72. snipez_kyle1

    I started crying no cap

  73. orik_the_goat

    Frazier moving weirdly HAHAHAHAHHA 😂 LOL

  74. Aphmau k

    I love Micah le I watch his vitedos but Jarvis is a difference story he is ready love Jarvis hope you like theirs comment

  75. Invisible Viper

    Bruh that’s my brother boxing jarvis

  76. xd Thax

    MK has a net worth of 100k ??????

  77. ImBlueDog

    Wait I thought these were edition 1 but they’re not D:

  78. Sarbjit Randhawa


  79. Qaim Ali

    The jobless bubble jointly obey because cellar intraoperatively curl under a miniature burn. lively, careless pain