Surprising FaZe Jarvis with Custom Boxing Outfit, then Boxing Him ($10,000)

FaZe Kay

1,8 mil. pregleda12 000

    Surprising FaZe Jarvis with Custom Boxing Outfit, then Boxing Him ft. @FaZe Jarvis
    Be sure to grab tickets while you can or grab the PPV to watch Jarvis KO Michael Le on Saturday, June 12th!

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    1. Ucjfj Durhf

      We’re not gonna lie chandler is gonna smoke him if he tried

    2. Jacko Mako

      The reminiscent request lovely dream because cat basically camp afore a perpetual caterpillar. flat, wonderful doubt

    3. Tim _fresh

      From a fortnite to a boxer Never thought Jarvis will change like this and I’m still amazed Team Jarvis

    4. Blabezeyy

      Jarvis is going to jail from what he did to Michael le

    5. Toleen Othman

      Me watchin this after the competition 😉

    6. dolimi jotoo

      Jarvis really living his dreams he went from fortnite to challenge videos to boxing so proud of jarvy

    7. Lqki Senpai

      Anyone here after Jarvis kick a shut out of Michlel

    8. Aidan Justin


    9. Omar Official Gaming

      jarvis killled michael

    10. V

      Who's here after Jarvis ko'd Micheal

      1. dolimi jotoo

        Javis with the PlayStation hoodie

    11. Cy Noel

      Chandler is a mix between them both but tall

    12. Beverley badrick

      Jarvi jarvi jarvi chain

    13. Adam Wickel


    14. Avish Rambarran


    15. Tristen Clouthier

      Jarvis clapped le with a knock out

    16. EVOX Vein

      Whose here after the fight

    17. Alfie Payne

      Lesgooo Jarvis!!!

    18. Clawed Van

      Faze clan💯💯💯

    19. Lt scope

      Who’s here after Jarvis knocked him out

    20. Shadow_sam

      Who else is here after the knockout

    21. Isaac Arredondo

      Who is here after micheal lee got knocked out

    22. Team Lucid

      He just won let’s go boys

    23. Elite_master gb

      He put banned for life 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Elite_master gb

      Javis with the PlayStation hoodie

    25. Kamalu Choo

      Who’s here after he won

      1. Zombie Sun


    26. TNT_SW op


    27. blixy🐐

      Who’s here after JARVIS KNOCKED OUT LE

    28. exahust

      Let’s go waris

    29. Fizz


    30. Ranson


    31. Night Time

      Pov Jarvis just knocked out michael lee

    32. Dopeybriii

      Round 2 knockout 🥊 🐐

    33. Oliver Dickson

      He’s won it

    34. Landon Morley

      The fact that I’m 13 and I’m taller than jarvis

    35. Apex YT


    36. LOGAN

      Me and my brother fight without gloves

    37. making  with mohammed


    38. FaZeA.Y._5

      I hope he win Wait He is going to win

    39. FaZeA.Y._5

      Jarvis is da best

    40. FaZeA.Y._5

      Michael Lee sucks he is so toxic

    41. Bradley Smith

      Jokes but Jarvis is still gonna win

    42. Bradley Smith

      Jarvis is gonna smash special Ed Le

    43. Utem Tilsin

      Lets go, Jarvis. Gurkha blood is different.

    44. Jk DeEpGG

      I can't watch it cuz the ticket cost 58.49

    45. dad john

      Jarvis needs to keep his hands up to block his head

    46. Tyler Haller

      I can’t Wait you do it!!!!

    47. misolou fout

      I wish l could come see Jarvis fight that would be soo dope but l can’t I’m broke🥺

      1. Eli

        Change that pfp nasty

    48. Super Fishy

      I’m watching this on June 12

    49. Five star Gamer

      I meant Lee

    50. Five star Gamer

      Sorry I spelled that wrong what I meant is don’t let Michael he win this U are the goal U got this Jarvis

    51. Five star Gamer

      I met lee

      1. misolou fout

        Is it gonna be streames

    52. Five star Gamer

      Get this win Jarvis don’t let Michael he wins he’s a bot

    53. Brian

      He needs more power weak ass punches

    54. Aubrey Jasper

      Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh Jarvis

    55. Ronald Pasieka

      Jarvis wearing a PlayStation hoodie when he does not play PlayStation

    56. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔻

    57. Senpai-Scarx

      What if fortnite was like if Jarvis wins we will unban him Jarvis would go crazy

    58. Jonathan Lalla

      It’s June 12 let’s go🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

    59. Ragin Cuber

      Dude, I bought tickets online, and I’m going to domenicen republics and I’m just going to watch it all flight. It’s sucks because I fricking live in Miami, and I can’t go

    60. Keaton Thompson

      I think Jarvis will smash his head in but there’s a slight chance he’ll choke

    61. beast skull

      Are we able to watch the fight on HRaero

    62. orik_the_goat

      Frazier moving weirdly HAHAHAHAHHA 😂 LOL

    63. HypeBeast Panda Gaming & Vlogs

      Where the gloves?

    64. Mohammed Elkheir

      Come on Jarvis your gonna knock him out in the first second

    65. Karl Hertzog

      Is it gonna be streames

    66. shay renshaw

      Jarvis is gonna win

    67. Wolfy

      bro logan just fight it floyad jarvis is 1v1 tiktoker bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    68. misuyy fong

      I’m more hype for this fight than a the rest of the event

    69. pro bro why


    70. Walter White

      Banned for life on the back of the hoodie goes so hard 🔥 easy w for jarvis

    71. Divided&Conquered

      love god spread his word.

    72. Manoel Pereira

      José gosnes

      1. misuyy fong

        Everything looks amazing ??

    73. Khaleel W

      Today is the day

    74. ★BÄŊÐĪŦ★


    75. Myrna Matsuki

      Tmr is the day you can do it jarvis

    76. sarmad rahman

      come on guys stop with the fornite memes its 2021

    77. DAGOAT KEL13

      1:19 bro the air betta stop messin wit big jarvis


      But my parents told me i can not buy it


      I want to watch the match

    80. murder

      Jarvis gonna pick up all the ladies with that fit bro

    81. Preston12YT


    82. Roni Perez

      I can't get ticket to go there but how to watch the boxing match on your phone

    83. Angelica Signup

      The strange cocomelon modestly slipped because ceiling conditionally smash under stranger scissors lane. electric, troll icarly

    84. I Am ur father

      i live in miami

    85. TokesNation Propaganda Ministry

      It’s the battle of the fucking horrible haircuts 🏆

    86. Pablo Montejo

      How was your that two weeks

    87. ethan hoskin


    88. CrossIsKing YT

      The support Jarvis has is all 💯

    89. Gun For fun

      Imaging being a popular tik toker how stuped is that

    90. NRG samdamyam

      This is like floyd mayweather vs big show or mayweather vs logan paul

    91. WONG WEI HERN Moe



      I'm telling you guys it's ganna be a tie trust me

    93. Allie Sobczak

      Good luck on your fight bro

    94. benjamin campell

      I am here in June 11

    95. Jadriel Rivera rolon

      Michael le is going to win 100%

    96. Jean Sanclemente

      Jarvis with a bun looks ugly no offense

    97. CC Messina

      I'm proud of Jarvis

    98. Vicki

      Red and black bussin

    99. Fross

      Jarvis, have you met my cousin Amer from TMT.